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Black Professor Reveals Shocking Truth to Blacks About Trump (Video)

Black Professor Reveals Shocking Truth to Blacks About Trump (Video)

The Voice of Reason writes:

With all the racial turmoil igniting in over 200 cities around the country, we all owe a thank you Professor Walter E. Williams, a black professor of economics at George Mason University, for bringing some rational thought into a national conversation that presently is devoid of any. He does so in an article featured in The Daily Signal. We should also thank Larry Elder, a best-selling black author and radio talk-show host, for being willing to do what others in the media refuse to, which is tell the truth about how much worse off Blacks are now, than they were before Barack Obama ever took office.

In the following video, recorded on Facebook Live, I review what should be required reading for the Black Lives Matter movement, a movement predicated on hatred and lies from its very inception, which began after the death of Michael Brown. I summarize the article by Professor Walter E. Williams, where he explains how it matters little whether politicians are black or white, or Democrats or Republicans.

The core problems facing this country and the economy are beyond the reach of a president or any other politician to solve. If there is a solution he says, it will come from churches and local community organizations, not the federal government.

While Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is busy writing about the dangers of totally imagined catastrophes that Trump hasn’t caused, because he’s yet to take office, Larry Elder has been busy talking and writing about the actual dangers and damage to the black community that were specifically caused by Barack Obama. Elder just points to the math.

Arithmetic does not lie. Obama and the media does. That is precisely why Trump supporters have organized a protest of their own set to begin November 20th intended to bankrupt CNN right off the air. <