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U.S. Intelligence Agencies Stopped a Silent Obama/Clinton Coup; Now You Are Needed (Video)

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Stopped a Silent Obama/Clinton Coup; Now You Are Needed (Video)

The Voice of Reason Writes:

Before reading this post, understand that what you’re about to learn is going to be disturbing. It will likely be the single most disturbing political post you’ve ever read, and it will likely change the way you look at your country forever. With that said, the information contained in the article and videos below have slowly made their way out to the public over the last several days as doing so has become more safe. It's information you're entitled to know. 

What you are about to learn, is that Hillary and Bill Clinton, along with the assistance of Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey have attempted a coup d'état of the United States on a magnitude that has never before been affected in such a subtly calculated way. You are also going to learn that many of the brave men and women within the FBI, CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, the military, and various other intelligence agencies, waged a counter coup of their own, with the assistance of Wikileaks, and they did so in a manner in which the goal has always been to maintain the continuity of our republic, and to ensure a peaceful transition of power just three days from now. 

In the following video, I do my best to connect some of the dots from other stories that have come out over the last week leading up to this, and I’ll provide as much background as I can to help you digest what follows, but the majority of what you need to know is contained in the article and videos below that were all posted together on World Net Daily on November 4th. 

As you read through the information below, and as you watch the videos, I'd like to remind you of a post I put out earlier this week titled, Top US General Pleads