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What Exactly is An Agile Internal Audit?

As agile auditing becomes the norm for many internal audit shops around the world, there are some who are not yet familiar with its concept. This post tries to simplify the agile approach to those who need to obtain a basic understanding of it:

Can Internal Auditing become Agile? Seven Keys to Thinking the Unthinkable.
 That was the title of a Forbes Article in 2017 written by Steve Denning the author of the book "The Age of Agile". Now that the unthinkable he referred to is becoming a reality for some internal audit functions and a wish list item for many functions around the world, I will in this post provide a simplified basic understanding of the agile concept for the benefit of those who are not yet familiar with it!
What is Agile?
According to the oxford dictionary, Agility means the “ability to move quickly and easily”. It is also defined as “the ability to think quickly and in an intelligent way” when it is referenced to the mindset.
Simply put, the agile methodology is a type of project management method and was mainly developed by the software development industry to reduce costs, time and improve quality & delivery. It achieves this by breaking a project into several short incremental and repeatable tasks (known as sprints that are usually 1-4 weeks in length) and by seeking the collaboration of all stakeholders and by conducting daily scrum meetings.

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What Exactly is An Agile Internal Audit?