Heal(thy) heart & mind (free course)

Heal(thy) heart & mind (free course)

Dear beautiful Soul,

It's a new year, a good time to remind ourselves what can we do to be a better person, like making better choices and resolutions. It's time to get started with your new course and it's completely FREE.

This course is about self acceptance and self love.

We've been taught since our early age to take care of our physical body, which is great!

Thank God we knew about our spiritual body, but nobody taught us the importance of the other two bodies! And that our soul is composed of four bodies: the physical, the spiritual, the emotional and the mental, all linked together.

And as we know our physical body is designed to self-heal itself, it can recover from a broken bone or from a wound when the medical doctor finds the right setting and the right healing. In addition to this basic principle we have been taught to take care of our physical body by eating healthy food and avoiding junk food.

But we can't ignore anymore the other two parts of our soul to feel complete!

The other two bodies are also part of us: the emotional and the mental ! They are part of our authentic self and we cannot deny them! it is like denying our masculine and feminine energies! And like the physical body, they also have the power to self-heal themselves with the right setting and the right healing process. And we need those two parts of our soul to be able to welcome self-love and self-acceptance to settle inside with peace and love.

The idea in this course is to reunite our four bodies so that we feel whole and complete. Reuniting the past with the present, our shadow with our light, our imperfections with the parts of us we have been rejecting because of fear, guilt or shame.

In this course we'll go through the idea of reuniting the four parts of your soul through your own space and time. We will also share some experiences, healing techniques and meditation.

Looking forward to meet you on the other side!


With warm regards

Wafa El-Amrani