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A Global Credentialing System

A Global Credentialing System

Probably the most frustrating thing in the information world is getting true recognition for the quality of credentials.  In a world where education and training are part of the fabric of experience and everyone is an educator / trainer / learner, we still have to rely on the name of an institution to provide credibility for our abilities.  Also there is no way to frame education, training and experience for comparison purposes.

While we cannot remove the subjectivity from credentialing, a universal credentialing system would be a useful reference when we are applying for work or competing for leadership and governance positions?  I would go as far as saying that this is imperative in an information world.

My resume is very short.  In fact, it is  basically a reference to my website.  That website contains the outline of a book I have written as a credential of my abilities in the field of education.  It also contains the outline of a training course which I developed and offer to help people understand "optologics".  I use this word to reflect the way we interact with the affinities of our environment to think, learn and produce knowledge throughout our lives both formally and informally.

My idea for the website was to provide an example of how we can document our lifelong education, training and experience as a personal knowledge system using a standardized methodology, and to show how we can use our personal knowledge to contribute to society and enhance our personal lives.

Optologics, then, becomes a way of strategically developing and documenting our worth and potential as workers and entrepreneurs in a very competitive but uncertain world.  It is a way of taking control of our own destiny.  It gives us a methodology of developing and establishing ourselves as valuable assets and a way of communicating that to our employers and customers and clients.

Optologics is also a way for organizations to maximize the potential of people to their mutual benefit.  The optological mindset can be used to build organizations that act as collaborative hives driven by transparency and trust.

I would say the optologics is just a common sense way of looking at the world.  It frees us from the fear of rhetoric by exposing its dilemmas and brings everything down to understanding the nine optological affinities that drives our lives and connects us all.  With all the information that's out there now, we do need some way of sorting it out.