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A New Education for Survival

A New Education for Survival

We live at the mercy of spectrums and dilemmas.  Consciousness drives thinking.  Thinking drives learning.  Learning drives knowledge.  Consciousness, thinking, learning and knowledge are spectra.  They are the energies of the brain.  They are the essence of our minds.

Each spectrum reflects nine optological affinities - assessing quality, manipulating resources, planning strategies, garnering attitude, gaining perspective, building language, expressing ideas, valuing knowledge and accessing information.

Each optological affinity is beset by the dilemmas of reality, imagination, economics and politics as our lives unfold.  Stability depends on how well we can control those dilemmas.  In the past it was done through leadership and dependency of various sorts.  But globalization has made individuals more independent.  We know how to lead depend minds.  But how do we lead independent minds?

The answer is, we can't.  There is no one set of ideologies for all.  So it comes down to understanding who we are as people.  Ultimately, it comes down to understanding how our minds work.  It comes down to understanding consciousness, thinking, learning and knowledge. 

We do not need leaders who already have the answers.  We will look for leaders who will help us find the best answers we can to the issues we face every day.  We will need leaders who are humbled by power, not drunk from it.  We will need leaders who see constituents as consultants to be listened to, not lesser beings to be manipulated.

We will need tools to effect this kind of a world and the tool is education - a new kind of education - not an education of knowledge alone - but an education about consciousness, thinking, learning and knowledge - an education focussed on process which incorporates outcomes rather than a focus on outcomes alone.  This new education must become the primary industry of mankind if we are going to survive.;jsessionid=E30FE2BCC27F67B43AF58D1186AE60AE