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What is the UAE Vision 2021?

The UAE cabinet cited the United Arab Emirates Vision 2021, whose slogan 'we want to join the best countries in the world till 2021'. Vision 2021 reduces its goals in four categories: united in united responsibility, United Nations, United Nations in knowledge and United Nations in prosperity.

When the United Arab Emirates celebrates 50 years of this union, after achieving these goals, the point of view of this objective is described on the basis of viewpoint. The Vision Summary is counted as follows: in a strong and secure union, the knowledge and modern Emirate will build a competitive and steady economy. They will ban her identity as a compatible society, and enjoy high quality living in the nursing and sustainable environment.
What is the UAE Vision 2021?According to federal institutions, local governments are seven emirates local governments. Depend on the factors such as population, area and development.

Abu Dhabi's largest and most populated area is main central administration, headed by Prince HH Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zaid Al-Hainan, under which various departments like Ministries work. There are clearly some independent agencies with specific powers. It includes environmental agencies - Abu Dhabi tourism authority, cultural and heritage and authority of health.

Middle East and Al-Ghrabia (known as the first western) headed by the emirate Muslim world is divided into two parts. Major cities, Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain, are managed by municipalities, each of which is a nominated municipal council. Municipal authority has also been created for Al-Gharbia. Abu Dhabi is also a national consultant council headed by a speaker, with 60 candidates selected from the main tribes and families of the Emirate.

The Dubai Executive Council, which was established in 2003, works for the second major Emirate of the United Arab Emirates, and headed by Prince Hameed bin Muhammad ibn Rasheed Alkutom. There are also executive councils in Sharjah and Ajman. Apart from an executive council, Sharjah has prepared his consultative council. Apart from this, the Sharjaj has been taking some power over the local administration, with three enclaves on the eastern coast of the country, whose head of Deputy Commander in the head of Sharjah Emir Dewan (Court), Kalb and Khor Fakkan. Similar patterns of municipalities, departments and autonomous agencies can be found in other Emirates.

In small or more remote residents, each Emirate ruler can choose a local representative, a wealthy or a wall, through which the work of the working people can be given to the government. In most cases, these are the leading local figures, whose power has consolidated their community with confidence and rule over them.

The federal and local governments have changed the power of various federal institutions and their relations with different local bodies since the establishment of the state. Under the terms of the Constitution, the rulers may lose some territories at the federal government's authority - an important step was to unite the armed forces in mid-1970s. The Constitution of 1971 has also organized every member of Petroleum Export Countries membership and Arab petroleum exporting Organization, although he has not done anything so (Abu Dhabi rejected his membership in the Federation in 1971).

The government is continuing to promote the relationship between the federal and local system. As small emirates have benefited from education, for example, they have also helped in recruiting local services on behalf of the federal institutions. The government's new systems, however, did not change the traditional forms that were affiliated with. After such development, the main driver of the citizens and the United Arab Emirates living in the United Arab Emirates has the performance.

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