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Which is the tallest building of the world?

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. When the building was not opened, it was called Burj Dubai. The building is built higher equal to 162 stories. Its construction was started in 2004, and was officially opened in 2010.

A Beautiful Fountain was also built outside the tower. WET design of California made it. People who visit Dubai, should also visit Burj Khalifa. You should visit Burj Khalifa. In the working days, rather than the weekend days. You should have to buy tickets before visiting Burj Khalifa, and should buy tickets online.

Which is the tallest building of the world?

Types of Tickets to buy

There are two main types of tickets. One is “At the Top” and the second is “At the Top Side” ticket. As tickets are of two types, there is also a difference in the prices of tickets for the prime hours.

Way to Enter the Burj Khalifa

People can enter The Burj Khalifa from inside The Dubai Mall. It is easily and accessible through Dubai Metro. But it should be remembered that the distance for walk from metro station to the mall is long, and it is quite long distance from Dubai Mall to entrance of Burj Khalifa. Therefore, leave plenty of time to arrive Burj Khalifa. The two rows of buying tickets and entering the Burj confuse people. So, always be sure that you have joined the right queue.

For hospitality in this area, coffee and dates are very famous. You can enjoy these during your visit in Dubai as well as Burj Khalifa.

The best part of the lead-up to the highest level of Burj-Khalifa, is the visit of elevator.

Level 148; At the Top SKY

It seems that you have entered your own private gala while reaching the Sky level of level 148. When you enter that level, you are offered the special snacks, and a tasty Non-Alcoholic drink. People mostly like a Vanilla mini-macaroon and the dates stuffed with marzipan. A tip for visiting this level is that when you reach higher level in air, it is much cold. So it is advised that you should wear warm clothes before going to the higher level.

Level 125; At the Top

The level 125 is the next part to visit. The space of outdoor is made larger than of the level 148. And because of larger area, it is much more crowded than of level 148. As it has many levels to visit. Each level displays the view in a different and unique way. This level is accessible with both ticketing options, At the Top, and At the Top Sky. There is more fun and more adventurous, because it displays the view in a different perspective.

At the end, you can enjoy a lovely dinner there. You can enjoy the visit during night, because at night, there is a view from higher level which is full of lights. Different colors of lights give it a beautiful and different look than that of the morning.

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