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A Ho Ho Ho Controller for Christmas

A Ho Ho Ho Controller for Christmas

A few years ago, I made this zero-budget Christmas light controller. It was inspired by an old model railroad signal, a small electronic sequencer with three channels and a speed control.

As Tim Allen from the TV show “Home Improvement” would say, “I didn’t fix it, I improved it.”

So, instead of blinking three little LEDs, I added an opto-isolator to the chip (TTL) output so it would be safe to interface with the AC mains, and a solid state relay (SSR) to each channel so it can switch an AC mains load.

Now I can sequence three channels of several hundred watts of Christmas lights. As The Tool Man would say, “Arruuuugh!”

The three channels switch, in sequence - a PVC pipe frame spelling the word "HO."

So, when the unit is on, the sequencer lights up HO - HO - HO.

Of course, I could have used some Arduino board and code, but since this was another one of my zero budget electronics projects, I used what I had on hand.

Here are some more pictures of this project. Electronics people will understand this. Let me know if you want more details, or have any comments.

Here is the unit under test. . . 

Here is a closer view of the circuitry. At the bottom left is the power supply (DC-DC buck converter to 5VDC, using a three terminal regulator. Above and to the far left is the model railroad signal light. The light-colored board just below that holds the opto-isolators connected to the TTL output. The three yellow packages are solid state relays (SSR), taking the logic signals and switching them for the AC mains voltage. The outputs from the SSRs go to extension cords, which then connect to each "HO" light. 

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Wayne Yoshida Dec 4, 2017 · #10

#5 @Phil Friedman - funny you should say that. The original title of this post, and the name of the project, is actually "A Ho Controller." But I decided to change that in the final . . . happy holiday to you and your family, Phil.

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Wayne Yoshida Dec 4, 2017 · #9

#4 @Lada 🏡 Prkic - Thank you for reading and commenting -- and am glad it triggered a nice memory of your father. Best holiday wishes to you and your family!

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Wayne Yoshida Dec 4, 2017 · #8

#3 @Randall Burns -- Hey Randy! Yeah, someone started a game. . . . enjoy!

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Wayne Yoshida Dec 4, 2017 · #7

#2 @Nicole Chardenet - something tasty baking in your kitchen? Thanks for reading this rather nerdy holiday post.

Wayne Yoshida Dec 4, 2017 · #6

#1 Thank you @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian -- you are also a chef -- and a whole lot of other stuff -- who writes!

Phil Friedman Dec 3, 2017 · #5

Wayne, I'm going to remain silent on this one... because I keep flashing back to some politically incorrect jokes of my youth. But I do wish you and everyone an early Merry Christmas. HO, HO, HO!

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Lada 🏡 Prkic Dec 2, 2017 · #4

Wayne, the photo of your work desk instantly reminded me of my late father who was an electronics technician. Our house was full of zero budget electronics projects. He taught me some basic skills of fixing and "improving" small household appliances.
I don't know if I'm going to "improve" my Christmas light controller but thanks for an idea and bringing back my memories.

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Randall Burns Dec 2, 2017 · #3

#2 I don't know @Nicole Chardenet, I'm smelling toasted almonds and fennel... hmmmm

#1 Not quite sure about this BUT I am a Cook who writes... (have I got the gist of this game or did I miss it completely?)

Great post @Wayne Yoshida, (I think, I have to admit it's a bit over my head...)

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