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A Product Placement Story

A Product Placement Story

Photo above: I have several still photos and other items from the movies and shows my products appeared in, but unfortunately I am not able to share them, like this copy of the movie script.

Sometimes success happens because of a series of accidents, luck and random contact. In this case, it was a happy mix of my ham radio hobby, my employer and my friends in the movies and television business.

One of my early employers was a manufacturer of consumer electronic equipment that included a niche market product line called amateur radio. This was a great experience for me, and I always thought I was uniquely qualified for the job, since my background included the technical hobby of ham radio and working as a public information officer at the non-profit organization for ham radio operators in the United States.

The company was the premier brand at the time, and I enjoyed my position of sales manager for the USA market. I did my best to make the brand as visible as possible, and often took ham radio equipment with me to international vacations, adding a different element of work-related recreation only fellow ham radio operators would understand: Radio contesting. Today, this is called being a brand ambassador. Back then, I was just taking the opportunity to use, test and enjoy the radio equipment the company made – just like one of the thousands of our customers would do. My best radio contesting memories are the times I operated from Barbados, with my friend Dean St Hill.</