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Orange Brined Turkey on the Big Green Egg

Orange Brined Turkey on the Big Green Egg

I thought I’d share my turkey technique before the holidays so people would have a chance to give it a try this year. My secret for a juicy and tasty turkey: Brining. I use the orange brine recipe from Steven Raichlen’s Primal Grill, Season 3. (Orange-Brined Turkey Breast)

First, mix up the brine in a large bucket or container. . . 

Truss the bird so it's not flopping around . . . and dunk him or her into the brine for an overnight soak . . 

I started late, it is best to brine the turkey for at least 24 hours – I brined for only 12 hours – but it was still moist and tasty!

The Big Green Egg (BGE) cooker is set up for indirect grilling, and a drip pan is placed underneath. Unfortunately, this set up sometimes burns the drippings – I will try using a traditional roasting pan to catch the juices next time. This bird had one of those pop-up doneness indicators – I usually ignore those and test for a