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San Diego (Calif) Maker Faire - It's a Wrap!

San Diego (Calif) Maker Faire - It's a Wrap!

Photo: The last-minute added display item gave kids and grown-ups something to play with. Switches and lights always attract attention. I need to add sound effects for the next version of this light panel.

My Maker friend Dennis and I completed our participation as Makers at the 2016 San Diego Maker Faire -- continuing our theme called "Not Your Grandpa's Ham Radio." The bonus this year: We won a ribbon for "Maker of Merit."

Maker Faire Hq. explains there are two ribbon categories: a blue ribbon for best in show and a red ribbon for best in class. The Maker Faire ribbon program is explained here.

Our continuing mission since 2012 is to show people what today’s ham radio operators are doing with the newest technology, and to change the image of ham radio, making it both contemporary and chic in a hi-tech way. We also want to emphasize how ham radio can be used for science and technology education and a possible career path for youngsters.

Our projects demonstrate how ham radio technology changes with the times, yet still includes both past and present to accomplish one thing: Creating ways to communicate voice and data over the ether, without wires.

I added a not quite completed project to our display: An electronic art project I call "The Inventory Reduction Lam