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Double Down and Go All In on Your Business

Double Down and Go All In on Your Business

Remember the movie Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere?

My favorite part of the movie is when Roberts’ character, Vivian, pulls herself together after her first night in the penthouse suite with Edgar. He hands her a wad of cash to go shopping for some ‘becoming’ clothes.

Vivian leaves the penthouse, her gorgeous red hair flowing behind her. She’s still wearing her outfit from the night before: thigh-high patent-leather boots and barely-there white tank top attached with a big silver ring to a tie-dyed blue mini skirt.

She walks into a boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, moneyed up and excited to buy beautiful new clothes. The ladies in the shop turn their noses up at her colorfully trashy attire and unrefined gait. When she asks for the price on an outfit, they patronize and dismiss her. She’s informed she’s in the wrong place and ask her to leave.

Later that day, she reports her humiliation to Edgar who solves the problem with a few calls. The next day, Vivian is ushered into another boutique where all judgement is suspended with the promise of many dollars being spent. She’s treated like royalty, with every whim catered to like a princess.

Strutting her glamorous new look, Vivian strolls past the first shop she visited the day before. She pauses in front of the store. With a smug smile she glides in on a cloud of confidence. Bags filled with new accoutrements dangle from her graceful arms, bearing the enviable brand names of high fashion.

Vivian strides up to the woman who previously dismissed her, inquiring if the sales woman remembers her. With her polished new look, Vivian is unrecognizable.

Vivian reminds the sales woman of her visit the day before and the woman’s refusal to wait on her. Then she asks,

“You work on commission right?”


Big mistake. Big. Huge.”

The women in the boutique believed Vivian couldn’t afford to shop in their store the day before. Their belief cost them, and it cost them big. Huge.

That scene runs through my head when I hear business owners and sales producers complain about business slowing down during the year-end holiday season. Your attitude about the marketplace and potential business prospects set the tone for your success or lack thereof. If you believe business is going to slow down, it will.

I used to believe summer was my slowest time of year. And it was. Because I believed this untruth, I slowed down my business building efforts during the summer. The result? You guessed it: my business slowed down every summer.

So I did an experiment. Instead of believing my business would slow down during summer, I decided my business would be consistent with the rest of the year. I followed the 4Cs of high achievers with specific focus on commitment and consistency, doubling down on my business building activities throughout the summer. As a result, I’ve now had two record summers in a row.

The term double down originated with the game of blackjack; double your risk with the expectation of a higher return. In terms of doubling down in your business, you’re not doubling your risk. You’re going ‘all in’ and betting on the surest bet there is: you. Doubling down professionally is tapping into your deepest resources of self-confidence and self-belief. It’s committing fully to your success and going ‘all in’ on you because you are the surest thing in your business. When you double down on you, your chances of winning more business increase.

Perhaps you’re one those people who adopted the belief business slows down during the holiday season. Why did you adopt such a belief? Did someone in your industry tell you that lie, and you blindly agreed to it? Or are you going to whip out your spreadsheets and sales reports that prove that your business slows down during the holiday season? [It’s ok, I did too…]

You can justify, explain, and defend your argument all you want. Or, you can decide that this year is going to be different. You can choose to double down in your prospecting and business development efforts and change the course of your business.

When I coach folks going through job change, they unwittingly buy into the belief ‘no one is hiring during the holidays so I’m going to back off on my job search.’ Absolutely untrue. But they heard this story somewhere, from someone, and aimlessly accepted it as truth. I challenge them not to accept this as truth and set about to disprove it. What’s there to lose?

You can do the same this holiday season. Instead of affirming the notion that ‘business slows down during the holidays,’ double down and go all in on yourself and your business. I challenge you to take the bet!

1. Say YES to every holiday party you possibly can.

You’ve worked hard to create and maintain professional relationships; it’s a compliment to be invited to holiday parties. Consider it an honor, graciously accept invitations, and show up!

2. Be magnetic on the phone and at networking or holiday events.

People are attracted to people smiling, laughing, and having fun. Celebrate and enjoy the relationships you’ve created. When you’re having a good time, people want to be around you. The more people you attract, the more memorable you become.

3. Re-engage with prospects who haven’t heard from you in 6+ months.

Sales organizations have done exhaustive research into how many times a prospect must be touched or closed before making a buying decision. About a decade ago the number was 6. Today, it’s closer to 8. If a hot prospect didn’t make a buying decision yet, hearing from you now could be the perfect time. Especially if your competitors are subscribing to the belief that ‘business slows down during the holidays.’ If they believe that, and you revisit the prospect, you’ll have less competition and increase the odds of closing the deal. The essence of doubling down!

4. Continue to nurture your Raving Fans.

Raving fans are your happy current clients and strategic referral partners. In the spirit of giving back, check in with them and find out what they need as they go into the holiday season. Not necessarily more of your services, but rather what other services or referrals do they need. If they happen to need what you offer, bonus.

5. Ask your Raving Fans for referrals.

After you’ve nurtured your network, if they don’t offer, make sure you ask your best clients and referral partners for what you need. They already respect and admire you, and it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for their continued support.

6. Follow up, follow up, follow up!

After each holiday party and networking event, whatever you said you were going to do, make sure you do it! If you didn’t commit to an action, connect on LinkedIn with the folks you met. Remember to send a handwritten thank you card to the host and/or hostess of holiday parties. When you connect with your new contacts, continue to engage the conversation and book a coffee or lunch meeting. This is the time of year when you have a higher likelihood of getting on someone’s calendar.

Remember, your attitude sets the tone for your success this holiday season. Bet on yourself and you’ll always win. Come January, you’ll be enjoying the spoils of the huge mistake your competitors made by believing business slows down through the holiday season!


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