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What Would We See if You Were on Undercover Boss?

What Would We See if You Were on Undercover Boss?

Every year on or around October 16th employees in four countries around the world thank their bosses for being kind and fair throughout the year. It’s called Boss’s Day. A secretary for an insurance company in Illinois registered October 16th “National Boss’s Day” in 1958 with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She wanted to show her boss, also her dad, appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and challenges he faced as her supervisor on his birthday, Oct. 16th.

Now in it’s 8th season on CBS, Undercover Boss is a TV series featuring an executive or business owner who poses as an entry-level worker starting a new job in his or her own company. Depending on how visible the boss is throughout the company, he or she may need to don a disguise and assume an alias with a cover story to go unrecognized. With camera crew in tow, the boss spends a week or two in various locations, performing a myriad of duties being filmed for a supposed documentary.

The boss works shoulder to shoulder with the frontline men and women, connecting with them, hearing their true stories of challenge and struggle. A direct line of sight into the day-to-day operations of the company reveals opportunities for employee training, improvements in working conditions, and the loyalty of the dedicated workers.

And sometimes, the bosses discover their worst nightmare come true. Like the Boston Market employee who voiced his blatant hatred of customers. Or the front desk receptionist at Retro Fitness who was fond of playing on her phone, dropping the F-bomb, and displaying an abusive attitude towards members.

Then there’s middle management; they can either be the glue that holds the organization together, or the rotten apple in the basket. Hooter’s manager Jimbo was portrayed as the latter when he openly insulted the scantily-clad waitresses during inspection of their uniforms and appearance. He over-zealously asserted his power further by having them compete to see who could go home early. The game? Eat a plate of beans without using your hands. No idea what the goal was, other than demeaning these women.

What’s more, sometimes the bosses themselves are c