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Best price led tv suppliers in india

Wextor India, a young brand of LED TV, but an old hand at end-to-end manufacturing in consumer electronics. Wextor uses components sourced from the world’s top suppliers to make a wide range of LED televisions at its comprehensive facilities in India’s capital.To deliver high-performing quality products consistently has meant building a modern and efficient manufacturing infrastructure.We are housed in a contemporary unit, just outside the National Capital Region of Delhi, focused on delivering LED TVs that leading brands may find difficult to match.We offer the best screen resolution which makes our LEDs standout from the rest. We use more pixels in our LEDs which means that there is a better graphical information that gets captured and displayed to the viewer and this in turn, gives a better clarity to the LED TV. Moreover, we believe in offering energy efficient LEDs which makes sure not to leave big holes in your pocket.State-of-the-art facilities under single roof extend from:

best price led tv suppliers in india

· Research & Development Centre with hi-tech testing equipment

· Tool room equipped with CNC machine centre

· Hi-tech Injection Moulding Machines

· Auto Insertion Machines for PCB Mounting

· Surface Mount Technology – SMT, for precision PCB mounting (under installation)

· State-of-art Clean Rooms for panel making

· Sophisticated methods of painting

· Quality Control (QC) lab

We have the capability of manufacturing 600,000 LED TVs in just one calendar year.

Website link:- https://www.wextorindia.com/about-us/

A-136 Wazirpur Industrial Area Delhi-52 ,

(+91)98102-79498 , info@wextorindia.com