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Why Your Company's Logo May Need to Change

Why Your Company's Logo May Need to ChangeDesigning a company logo is one of those tasks that seem simple on paper but can actually be quite difficult and practice.

Do you keep it simple like Nike? Do you make it colorful like Google? Should you even have your company name as part of the logo at all? As you can see, the choices can quickly accumulate and become overwhelming.

Furthermore, just because you have a logo currently doesn't mean that it's optimal. Let's take a look at three logo mistakes that companies should avoid.

1. It's Too Trendy

Incorporating trends into your marketing tactics has always been a way for businesses to capitalize on something popular and generate more leads. A prime example is how companies across a wide array of industries are currently leveraging the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as a means to reach their customers.

For the uneducated designer, it may be tempting to copy trends in logo design. After all, if plenty of other successful companies have done it, why can't you? 

The issue with this way of thinking is that these companies were either the trendsetter themselves, or they succeeded in spite of their poor logo design choice. If you base your logo design off of current trends, there is a high chance that trend will eventually turn into a cliché that needs to be revised.

So, how do you avoid this? It's much easier than you think: simply ignore design trends. If you can come up with a quality logo on your own that doesn't copy anyone else, you'll most likely be able to keep it the way it is.

2. It's Too Loud

While a logo doesn't have to be as minimalistic as Nike's iconic swoosh, making it too complex can cause it to be a deterrent to potential customers if it's overly stimulating. But, the trouble doesn't only include customers who may not appreciate the effort put into the logo.

When printed at small sizes, the logo will lose detail no matter what preventive measures you take. In extreme cases, your logo could end up looking blurry or smudged, which will negate all of the time you put into designing something with a high level of detail.

You also run the risk of making your logo unmemorable because it has too much going on. Companies like Apple and McDonald's found ways to make their logos recognizable, simple, and engaging, which is what you should strive for.

3. It's Meant for You and Not Your Audience

Many entrepreneurs suffer from this issue. They're so set on bringing their vision into


 that they forget there are other factors at play than what they want to create. The same holds true for logo design.

A logo that has personality can be a good decision, but you need to make sure that it reflects the personality of your business and also the desires that your consumers hold. If you find yourself making decisions based on ideas that you've always wanted to incorporate, you should step back and try to detach yourself as much as possible so that you can make an objective design decision.

As long as you keep the design relevant and appropriate, you'll be able to find the right path.

A quality logo is essential because it's one of the first things your audience sees regarding your business, and often one of the only things they remember when it comes to design.

By following these tips, you'll be able to analyze your own logo and see if it needs any fine-tuning to take it to the next level.