Will Seymour en Insurance Professionals, Sales, Business Consultant and Broker • AFLAC 17/5/2016 · 2 min de lectura · 1,0K

Excellence. Our biggest testimony.

Christians today often find themselves not having the best, “reputation,” in the business world.  It may have been due to that one client you let slip through your fingers, or forgetting to deliver a product when you said you would.  For me it would be forgetting to file a large claim for a client and having them remind me of the initial promises I made them to file their claims ASAP.  Life happens.  Life doesn’t chose favorites it picks on everyone at times.  I’ve found that people have seen more of Jesus in me when I’m servicing them (sound familiar? Luke 6:38.) We can shout of the goodness of God all day but let us be reminded that faith without works is dead.   Jesus, being the Son of God didn’t just parade around saying who He was.  He showed us who He was.  He always lead in excellence, by example.

Here are two thoughts about excellence in the marketplace:

  • Excellence is attractive Plain and simple.  Even for someone like me who lacks in looks, when I treat a client with excellence it’s attractive.  They want to be around that.  When I go into Chick-fil-a for lunch I know I’ll be treated in excellence and I always have.
  • Excellence is easily achieved when we, “stay in our lane.”  This simply means, find what you’re passionate about and what you’re good at and kick tail at it.  I love worship. I’ve played music for half my life.  I also love my church.  Therefore when Sunday comes rolling around I put forth 100% effort into helping lead God’s people in worship.  I could just say, “Oh I don’t need to prepare, God’s just gonna bless it,” and fumble through worship and even lift my hands and sing, but the sounds I would be making would sound like a dying dog.  Again, find what you’re passionate about and serve your city within those limits.  It may not be successful right off the bat, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, eh?

Reading all this you’re probably saying something along the lines of, “Will this is great, and I already know all this…. BUT…”  Yeah, I get it.  I heard a preacher say the other day, “Everybody has a big butt!.”  Now ladies, this is not a time for you to get up and go look in the mirror and get upset because that’s NOT what we are talking about!  There seems to always be a, “but,” in life and a big one at that.  We are leaders though.  Pastor Herbert Cooper from the People’s Church has a book called, “But God,” and he comments on all of these negative moments we are faced with and how to turn the situation around throw in a, “BUT God.”  “My sales aren’t going to be enough this month…. BUT God will give me this day my daily bread.” “I just lost a big client… BUT God makes all things work together for my good.”  We all have big buts, but we serve an even bigger God.

I’ll leave you with this thought.  Excellent leadership is the ability to cast vision on others for them to follow. You may be a husband and father who’s family depends on your leadership or you may be a single 30 year old female who has a group of college girls you are pouring into.  What exactly are we casting on to the people we see everyday.

Let’s walk in excellence.  They will know we are Christians by our love.