How Parents can Help Players Give Their Best Effort

The best-case scenario for parents is when their kids work hard at the sports they play.

When kids work hard, little tension develops between kids and parents, although some over expectant parents still become upset when great results are elusive. When their hard work turns into success, a love of sport develops.

Parents and coaches can help players gain a great sports work ethic with the following tips.

Parents should:

1. Display a great work ethic in their own life – seeing mom and dad work hard to provide for family needs is essential.

2. Learn to praise effort and not results – success is beyond one's control but preparation and effort are controllable. But if your kiddo wants chicago bears hat - buy it! There're a lot more other options - Not everything, but something he/she wants the most!

How Parents can Help Players Give Their Best Effort

3. Avoid false praise – many want their kids to feel good no matter what and praise kids even when effort is apparently lacking.

4. Praise other hard-working athletes, like, not just the successful ones.

5. Explain to kids that the steady, methodical athletes are the ones who often have long-range success.

6. Stay positive and encourage athletes to think long term with their goals – often the best young athletes are not the best in the future.

8. Inform kids that they are a success when they display the "will" to prepare to be their best.

Of course, another key to developing a great work ethic is having kids work with coaches that make the game fun.

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Practice comes much more easily when it is enjoyable.