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Campfire stories. Cave pictographs. Greek dramas. Storytelling is as old as civilization itself. Inarguably, the story and civilization evolved together. The earliest examples of storytelling can be seen in cave drawings from the earliest cultures throughout the world. Stories disseminate culture, from generation to generation, and from people to people. They are a reflection of ourselves, and often, of what we want to be.

A great character evolves and takes us on an incredible journey through time and space, to places we have only dreamed of, and through circumstances that are both unbelievable and exhilarating. We put our faith and trust in the storytellers, the characters that are the ambassadors of the story.

The story has evolved from cave pictographs, to texts carved in stone, to words scrolled on papyrus and paper. Today, they are still being told, but across multiple mediums. We still have words printed on paper and bound together, sold at our favorite bookstores. Electronic devices now stream similar content across computer laptops or electronic notebook devices. But, the most common source of the modern-day story is the motion picture screen or the television set.

We need this. We want this. Daily, weekly, or as often as possible. The story is the great escape we seek from an ordinary existence. We are a willing and receptive audience. As such, we want:

  • To be inspired

  • To be awe-struck and amazed

  • To see heroes, braver than ourselves and larger than life

  • To see extra-human examples of strength, fortitude, perseverance

  • To see survival in the most dire circumstances

  • To see a wrong righted, a proper measure of justice executed

  • To be validated, understood, and represented in the story, in the characters, and in the situations

  • To be disarmed, enlightened, and amused

  • To be taken on a voyage to places far away, stunning, epic, and dangerous …an escape from our ordinary existence

  • To suspend disbelief and place its hope and trust in the improbable, extraordinary, supernatural, or extreme.


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