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COLBY RANCH SCREEN STORIES - The Stories in Production

What dreams may be …

Shiprock, New Mexico. A huge rock monolith rises 1,500 feet above the surrounding desert floor. It is not just some dumb rock. It has cultural significance and meaning to the local Navajo community, deeply rooted in their history and tradition. The rock and this community become the focal point of an age old mystery set high in the mountains, valleys, and plains of beautiful Northwest New Mexico. Chad Fisher, struggling with cancer, moves to Shiprock to start a new life, a new adventure. He gets dragged into the search for a missing Navajo boy. Chad is an outsider. This community has always had a long fear of outsiders – ethereal, galactic, or otherwise. This is the story of SHIPROCK.

Rand Walker. Former marine. His journey in life brings him back to the beautiful mountains of Southwest Colorado and to an epic struggle. The gunfire and aftermath of a faraway war continue to rage, in the shadows and in his mind. Yet, he is not alone. He will encounter many other vets on this road to redemption and restitution. His losses are devastating. Yet he manages to be that one true change agent, that catalyst and reluctant hero who drags his buddies off the battlefield and gives them …hope. This is LIFE PREVAILS – Rand Walker’s Story.

Gold. Snow-capped mountains, running streams, and endless adventure. In the shadows, forests, and valleys of Central Arizona’s Bradshaw Mountains, legendary characters of the Great American West come to life and tell their stories, tales of hard times, evil men, and survival. These were fearless and adventurous people who pushed beyond the boundaries of civilization …and common sense, seeking the freedom and exhilaration of the lands beyond the horizon, where the sun sets in the west, casting its warm glow on the mountains and valleys of the Arizona Territory. Welcome to HORSETHIEF BASIN.

Fight for your tribe, for your culture, your land, your country. Wait! What’s this strange, dangerous place? What language are they speaking? Why do they want to kill me? Why am I even here in the first place?

From the headlines on CNN, Fox, the New York Times, and local newspapers from cities near and far, a strange story emerges about a group of rogue warriors, fighting on behalf of a threatened people in one of the most dangerous places in the world. This story is amazing on many levels and is a true psychological profile of human motivation and behavior. A grand story on a truly global scale, THE LIONS OF ROJAVA/LEGENDS of the LEVANT introduces us to