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Biggest Overseas Investment for Disney's Fairytale New Theme Park

Biggest Overseas Investment for Disney's Fairytale New Theme Park

So the good news for our friends in China are that Disney has just opened its doors. The first theme park in this country is by now letting Chinese adventure and excitement lovers into the world of imagination and amusement. 

As many of you know a Disney Park is not accesible for everyone, but this theme park version is targeting middle class and other domestic tourism. The investment  made from Walt Disney Co was none other than the largest overseas investment, with US$5.5 billion. 
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With events planned and the Disney store already opened, China's Disney Park is expected to surpass or at least equalize Euro Disney (Paris) on benefits. 

Disney is planning a three-day event to mark the opening of the park next month, which is going to include a red carpet premiere of its Lion King Broadway musical, the first time the production will be performed in Mandarin.

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Biggest Overseas Investment for Disney's Fairytale New Theme Park

Photo credit: Reuters.com

The opening gala - meant to be a bonanza of fireworks, live music and dance - was rained off on Wednesday night, while at Disney's park in Orlando, Florida, a young boy was grabbed by an alligator and killed.
Adam Jourdan, site: reuters.com 

The Walt Disney Company expects the sum of 330 million visitors from a 300 km radius of Shangai. One of its concerns would be the skepticism that Chinese culture has over the American, since they believe it could step on the icons, traditions, and own values they have.

Disney will be sharing the profits with its joint venture partner Shendi Group* which is actually owned by the state. Shendi, after negotiations with CEO Bob Iger and team, holds a 57% stake.

*Shendi is a consortium controlled by four large government-owned companies: Shanghai Media Group; hotelier Jin Jiang International, controlled by the city of Shanghai; supermarket-to-department store operator Bailian Group, and property developer Lujiazui Development Group.

Fascinating. So Chinese investors have a 57% stake? At more than 50% 'authority,' it will be interesting to see what new venture ideas they can bring into their own culture. And we are all sorry for the boy that was killed at Disney Orlando....too many thoughts on that to comment. My father used to take us to Disney in Aneheim, California, once a year when his company, Systems Development Corporation, rented out the whole park only for its employees. It was closed to the public, and well...we just had a Supernatural Delight. haha. The Lion King is a fantastic, ethnic Production of great meaning, and The Beauty and the Beast is another great theatrical seat in awesomeness at Disney. And don't forget about Aladin & the Magic Lamp, with the genie mimicking our beloved Robin Williams ~ all the while doing improv while the adults screech out in laughter and it just goes WaaaY above all the heads of the children! What sparkle Disney would have loved ... to know that his idea, all his 'failures' growing up...just continue to blossom as if they have no end. What a Testimony to Believing in Yourself, regardless of what others think. Disney was a great man and I love seeing this happen for China! Way to Go!