William Di Sumino in Back office Jan 28, 2019 · 1 min read · ~100

What should be in each office?

Electronic systems are entering our life more and more firmly, filling all its spheres. We have not printed photos for a long time, putting them into the album, but only occasionally look at the computer. At work, employees can hardly do something sensible, if you don’t have a laptop with the Internet at hand, everything is automated indecently. But, nevertheless, there are several attributes that are indispensable in an office space.

And the first one is stationary. It is these seemingly insignificant trifles that mainly make the weather in the organization of the work of the office. Despite the fact that all the documents, estimates, presentations we have in electronic form on the computer, we also need to have them printed. According to the law, it is necessary to store documents and contracts for the company in paper form. When printing important small documents, a laminator will also be useful - https://www.bestadvisers.co.uk/laminators .

What should be in each office?

And presentations, of course, are more convenient to demonstrate on a plasma screen or at least from a tablet, but the meeting will be much more productive if you give your partner a printed view of presentation materials so that, so to speak, you have something to read. Office supplies such as paper of different formats, pens, paper clips, stapler, tape, folders, files, will always play a leading role among office attributes. Whoever says that stationery is a relic of the past and that everything is now built on the latest technology. Agree that sometimes a good expensive pen of a famous brand, with which you sign an important multi-thousand contract, makes a much more pleasant impression than a suit or watch.

In Soviet times, most of the enterprises could afford a full-time nurse and medical office, today it is rather the exception. However, this does not mean that people stopped being ill. Therefore, in a critical situation, the first-aid kit office may be not only useful but vital.

The third constant companion of office life is household chemicals. Do not be surprised, because it is these products that we need at home, in the country, and at work as well. An office is the face of the owner of the company and its employees. If the room has a dusty, dirty and unpleasant smell, you will not like being there, and you will find ten reasons for not returning there anymore. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the office carefully and regularly. What is necessary for household chemicals? First of all, it should be non-toxic and not dangerous to health. Secondly, household chemicals should not only fight with pollution but be dirt-repellent, so that the surfaces do not get dirty so much later. And, of course, those days are long gone, when after cleaning the smell of chlorine in the room was still a week. Household chemicals should have a pleasant, non-irritating scent that employees and guests of the office will like.