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An appeal to megalomania

                                     An appeal to megalomania

I honestly believe many financial entities have far too much power and not enough compassion. Corporations feel above the reach of law or morality, this is plainly obvious. Though this is true we can not complained to loudly, as we sold it to them through fulfillment of desires they fostered... Ironic, is it not? Really quite ruthlessly brilliant. Manipulate our desires and perceptions and you control the world, if you throw in division imagine the power. You see, it has never been about money and has always been about the power. At the top some of these entities go back hundred of years, and some much more.

It would be easy to vilify these institutions and infer some dark plan of treacherous nature. At this point you are labeled a conspiracy theorist, and are dismissed summarily. What a ridiculous notion, there have never been any conspiracies in human history! Paranoia is in all our natures to a small degree, part of that whole vexing survival instinct you know. Passive resistance to such attempted control would seem ideal, but it would simply be us we are resisting. How would one convince the masses to do such a thing. It is an impossibility, and we have sailed way past the point of no return. Besides, passivists are quite notoriously easy to kill!

I guess the best I can do is a grudging acceptance of a power structure deeply entrenched over lifetimes. I would like to point out that exploration offers far better chances of a return on your investment than fighting over dwindling resources. Warfare always ultimately results in diminishing returns over the long game. Exploration results in new resources, colonization, ( new customers ) and much less in P.R. expenses. Not to mention the extreme popularity you would enjoy. Does it not seem short sighted to reduce you customer base, rather than growing your territory and market? Please fire your business strategists as most are really not that good! Besides why would you concentrate all your holdings on a single world that clearly suffers cosmic peril on an all too regular basis?

Still feel the drive for more power? Expand your vision.

William VanDorin 5/7/2016 · #1

Unless of course, you have determined the masses disposable assets. In which case, ( and you may suspect this already ) you are an ass hole.

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