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Wojciech Odrobina - Architecture news

Wojciech Odrobina - Architecture news

Wojciech Odrobina - The topicality of architecture refers to current issues (for example of the last 20 or 30 years) that are discussed in the main magazines and congresses of architecture in the world.

 The growth of cities, the most friendly and livable spaces for man, among many other topics are included in what we call today.

  •   Developing the principles of architecture ARCHITECTURE 

Developing the principles of architecture The principles of architecture are generally elaborated by the principal architect, together with the construction company and other key business stakeholders.

 It is important to develop appropriate policies and procedures to support the application of the principles. The principles of architecture are used to ensure the alignment of IT strategies with business strategies and vision. 

Specifically, the development of the principles of architecture is influenced by: 

 - Company mission and plans: the mission, plans and organizational infrastructure of the company. 

- Strategic initiatives of the company: the characteristics of the company - their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats - and their current initiatives throughout the company (such as process improvement and quality management). 

- External restrictions: market factors (imperative time to market, customer expectations, etc.), existing and potential legislation. 

- Current systems and technologies: the set of information resources deployed within the company, including documentation systems, equipment inventories, network configuration diagrams, policies and procedures. 

- Trends in the computer industry: predictions on the use, availability and cost of computer and communication technologies, credible sources, together with the best practices associated.