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Wojciech Odrobina Urban and Rural Architecture

Civil architecture is responsible for the construction of buildings, houses, schools, hospitals, for the functioning of life in society. In a sense, it constitutes a service to the community. As main conditioning for its performance has the planning of the streets and adaptation of municipal ordinances.

In urban concentrations we find all kinds of buildings. The civil architecture organizes the different plants and the distribution of the space in the constructions. The choice of building materials is key to its quality.

In any case, with the passage of time the civil architecture is modified according to the territory and social context. It is determined by numerous factors: space, place, function, environment, adjoining architecture, economy, legislation, among others

Wojciech odrobina Urban architecture

Wojciech Odrobina Urban and Rural Architecture

Urban architecture is the genre whose objective is the construction of works in the town center, both in relation to private houses and public buildings or monuments, as well as in terms of urbanization and viability; The latter matters of great importance, and in which architects are called to exert decisive influence by reforming ideas as old as wrong.

Wojciech odrobina rural architecture

The rural architecture is the one that aims at the construction of field lodgings, both for the farmer and for their livestock and their industries, so that with the lowest possible expense the greatest sum of advantages, comforts and even enjoyments that are possible.

It includes the building of the farm or labor houses and all its dependencies such as stables, stables, parideras, pigsty, chicken coops, pens, barns; as well as cheese factories, hives, wineries, wineries, silos, etc.

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