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Wojciech Odrobina - Virtual architecture

The virtual architecture is one that exists in the digital plane and is not affected by the time factor. The constructions are developed in a digital support. Nor is it affected by gravity or by climatic or geological phenomena and is spared the imagination of the architect.Wojciech Odrobina - Virtual architecture

Wojciech Odrobina -The objects and spaces that are part of the virtual architecture are manipulated, visualized and constructed in 3 dimensions with an architectural purpose. The virtual has its own rules and notions. The three-dimensional is what generates the movement from the same image.

Virtual constructions allow scale modifications. You can even work on two different scales simultaneously. It is possible to move inside or outside the building. It can be transported through different regions in cyberspace.

You can modify the characteristics of the enclosures, such as color, texture and flexibility. You can perform several tests such as opening and closing doors, turning the light on or off, an internal sound, such as the telephone ringing, can be located.

Wojciech Odrobina - Virtual architecture also allows us to visualize restored works that have been damaged by weather or wind erosion. In addition, we can observe designs that can be built in the future. 

  • The virtual architecture is constantly growing, with new applications and tools.