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Wojciech Odrobina What does an architect do?

That is one of the most recurring questions. Well, it goes beyond simply drawing up plans and directing or leading civil works.

Here in this article we explain in detail what an architect does.

Sometimes people confuse the work that an architect does with that of other professionals in the field of construction and design. For this reason, in this article we try to explain what an Architect does, in order to clear doubts and provide people with a clearer vision of our work.

Wojciech Odrobina What does an architect do?

What is an Architect?

The Architect can even do a little psychology work with a client to interpret their needs. Perceive your space requirements and then transform or translate them into the project.

The Architect is responsible for creating a design concept that involves all of the client's needs.

In turn, you must have the tact to capture your own style without opposing the interests of the client. For the execution of all these activities, the Architect must have the knowledge and preparation to understand these complex design processes, in addition to the construction processes necessary to carry out the project.

The architect basically studies the spaces that satisfy the functions of the human being. The spaces must express their way of seeing or living life as well as improve the quality of it.

People in the world inhabit spaces in different ways according to their social environment, their culture and their time, and the Architect is the one who must study all these variables in order to achieve a comprehensive design.

What does an architect do?

Among the activities carried out by an Architect we can find the following:

* Develop a concept taking into account the needs of the client.

* Advise the client on the viability of their project.

* It is in charge of managing the work from an administrative point of view and can manage construction permits.

* Prepare and present design proposals for the client, all taking into account the previous analysis.

* The Architect makes Architectural plans that capture the concept and the proposal presented.

* Work on budgets and work schedules or calendars to know the expense and time that construction will take.

* You can create physical, virtual models or virtual tours that allow the client to view the project.

* Coordinate and lead the work with the contractors or with the workers hired for the work.