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AeroVironment introducing the amazing #dron Quantix

 AeroVironment introducing the amazing  #dron Quantix

One of the big questions many traders ask is what type of dron will give the best cost-effectiveness. Today the market is dominated by multi-rotor drones and fixed-wing drones, but even a segment that has more and more strength, the hybrid drones, these combine the ability to take off and vertical landing with the advantages of long-duration flights.

Announced at the World Expo Drone 2016 the product is designed to attract operators in agriculture, energy, transportation, utilities and more.

AeroVironment introducing the amazing  #dron Quantix

AeroVironment spent a lot of time imagining how business customers wanted and needed to capture data using drones to make better decisions. "Our customers told us that they want to focus on running their business, not becoming unmanned drones, that's why we designed our highly automated system from scratch with an easy-to-use and reliable drone combined with easy analytics access".

The price information has not yet been published, as Quantix will be available from 2017.