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Autodesk in the #Drones market


In the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas over 30 vendors provided Product Previews and updates on their latest developments and launches and one particular announcement caught our attention: Autodesk ReCap 360.

Autodesk in the #Drones market

The San Rafael, based company has been developing design software for over three decades with its flagship product AutoCAD; in recent years Autodesk has been making huge inroads in the areas of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

A good example of SaaS is their product for the UAV and mapping/surveying industries ReCap

360 in which the user can submit unprocessed images of real-world objects and expect, within a short period of time, a final product in the form of a point cloud that can be used for immediate visualization or conceptual modeling.

ReCap 360 offers online tools for cleaning and organizing point cloud data, combining data from multiple sources and automatically cleaning all moving objects from the point cloud.

With this solution, UAV final users do not have to own any processing software and can pay for each job or contract the service through the Autodesk Subscription model.