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Breaking News Investments: The most interesting drone companies for 2017

Breaking News Investments: The most interesting drone companies for 2017

Many new companies have appeared in the world of the drones, the big manufacturers, like DJI and Yuneec, are going to have to make a rethink of their policies because the industry is not only expanding in the models to offer, But also a great growth in the associated software and services sectors. So we present the following five companies that are worth pursuing for 2017.


Flirtey is a pioneer in delivering packages through the use of drones. A combination of technology and logistics, they are bringing the delivery of drones to unthinkable rhythms a few years ago. Flirty made the first shipment of drone packages approved by the FAA in the United States, and initially they are focusing on retailing online and medical supplies.


Kespry not only manufactures drones for air reconnaissance data shipping but its offer includes integrated processing software. This means that your customers get an all-in-one package that allows them to fly, capture and analyze your data, all from a single platform.


DroneBase connects companies that need aerial and video imagery with pilots who can do the work for them. Utilizing its extensive network of professional drone pilots, DroneBase can meet the needs of a customer in the 50 states of the United States and more than 30 countries around the world. DroneBase provides a cloud-based platform so customers can view their images and data a few days after they've been captured. It's the Uber version in the world of drones.


The latest Flyability product is Elios, a collision-resistant dron capable of capturing quality images even from the most confined spaces. The drone is surrounded by a sturdy carbon fiber protective frame to help withstand bumps and bruises, the concept being that they can operate indoors, in confined spaces and in contact with people without putting people in danger.

lily robotics

Lily Robotics developed the Lily Drone, an awesome quadricopter for action sports fans. Once thrown into the air, its propellers automatically begin to rotate to take it to a fixed flight. Using a receiver placed in your pocket or on a wrist strap, the drone detects where you are and follows your every move. This makes it an excellent choice for action sports photography as it takes 12MP still images and feature