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DJI Introduces INSPIRE 2 and PHANTOM 4 PRO #drones

 DJI Introduces INSPIRE 2 and PHANTOM 4 PRO #drones

Continuing with the saga of two successful models of the company, DJI presented in the market the updated versions of Inspire and Phantom 4

The INSPIRE 2 presented improvement sensors and video recording in CinemaDNG, Apple ProRes, and others Common formats for post production in filmmaking. It also has new image processing system CineCore 2.0 capable of recording videos in 5.2 K with a structure in magnesium and composite aluminum, revised design and carbon fiber arms, achieves a top speed 108 kph, has dual battery, has been revised and specifically developed FlightAutonomy integrated software that has two sensors to avoid obstacles with a range of up to 30 meters, they have also added several intelligent flight modes, including Spotlight Pro, which gives pilots the ability to create complex aerial shots.

DJI Introduces INSPIRE 2 and PHANTOM 4 PRO #dronesDJI Introduces INSPIRE 2 and PHANTOM 4 PRO #drones

The Phantom 4 PRO has received a number of improvements and has increased its intelligence by incorporating the ability to operate in Gesture Mode like the Mavic, the user can use pre-programmed gestures to obtain high quality selfies , intelligent batteries have been upgraded approached their flight time to almost 30 minutes, has five sensors to avoid obstacles, Flight Control comes with a much needed built-in video screen, something that was always a source of complaints from users Of DJI, incorporates TapFly that allows to move the dron in any direction with a simple touch anywhere of the screen.