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Facebook´s #dron crashed

 Facebook´s  #dron crashed

The drone, called Aquila, suffered from a “structural failure” right before it landed at 7:43 am mountain standard time near Yuma, Arizona, on June 28, the National Transportation Safety Board said Monday.

Facebook’s drone was “substantially damaged,” but there were no injuries or ground damage, Peter Knudson, a spokesman for the agency, said in an e-mail. There were no more details available about the accident or damage, but a report about the incident is expected to be released in a month or two, he said.

Knudson said that the NTSB “investigates any accident of an unmanned aircraft system (drone) with a gross takeoff weight of at least 300 pounds that results in death or serious injury to any person or substantial damage to the aircraft.”

For Facebook, though, the June test flight of Aquila was still considered a success. In a July, the company mentioned the drone’s structural failure in a post about the test flight, but not that the NTSB was investigating the accident.

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