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GAME OF DRONES: Aertec Solutions selected to develop a laser emitter for drones

GAME OF DRONES: Aertec Solutions selected to develop a laser emitter for drones

Aertec Solutions has been selected by the European Defense Agency for the development of a double-use laser to be installed on unmanned aircraft, in collaboration with the Ultra-Intense Pulsed Laser Center.

The company born in Malaga in 1997 and has offices in Spain, the United Kingdom, France, the United States and Colombia has been awarded a public tender for the development and testing of a laser emitter that can be installed in drones to serve of countermeasures in order to increase the capabilities of this type of aircraft. The contract of this contest, with a duration of one year, has been signed with the European Defense Agency and corresponds to a project called "Study of critical components for military lasers, and advantages and use of sensor technologies in areas of wide UAV " The laser emitter is part of a prototype of countermeasure system, and emits in near infrared, band in which the thermal cameras work.

The works have been developed in collaboration with the Pulsed Ultra-Light Laser Center, an organization managed by a public consortium made up of the Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad,  Comunidad de Castilla y León y Universidad de Salamanca.  Once the system is developed, it will be tested in flight and evaluated by the European Defense Agency, which will study its viability.

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