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Game of Drones: DataFromSky will allow drones to detect if you skip a 'stop'

Game of Drones: DataFromSky will allow drones to detect if you skip a 'stop'

Aerial Monitoring overcomes the limitations of traditional methods of traffic data collection due to its mobility, complexity, and ability to cover large areas. Airborne sensors provide sufficient amount of data to enable vehicle location and movement monitoring; however, further processing and evaluation of the data often requires tremendous effort.

All parameters are derived through an advanced computer analysis of video data. This videos for the analysis may be taken by an ordinary camera mounted on UAV or mast. There is no need for expensive equipment or additional sophisticated sensors. Thanks to long-term development of efficient detecting and tracking algorithms for aerial analysis, DataFromSky produces high quality results. It is a fully automatic tool capable of learning from its errors and improving over time. A large amount of data is needed to correctly assess pollution coming from tailpipes. Instead of modelling traffic DataFromSky to get information about actual vehicle types, speed and acceleration profiles. DataFomSky can be converted to an advanced telemetry system that allows you to view your race car’s data and data of your competitors such as speed, acceleration, lap-times, and trajectories. All data is extracted from aerial video with great accuracy and high frequency (up to 60 Hz) without need of any external device. DataFromSky provides tools for visualization and analysis of vehicle trajectory data automatically extracted from an aerial video. It is built on an extensible software architecture, which allows researchers to cooperatively expand the range of capabilities to support more types of advanced analysis methods. DataFromSky is capable to classify every tracked vehicle according to its visual appearance and speed profile and lets you extract detailed speed and acceleration records for all vehicles tracked in the video and work with the data. From the complete data, DataFromSky can calculate aggregate values such as average speed, travel time etc. Traffic engineers and researchers alike need reliable and detailed numbers on all aspects of traffic flow. DataFromSky is capable of measuring the macroscopic traffic flow characteristic at any point or region you want by analysing all vehicle trajectories in that place. Traffic counting is one of the fundamental tools of transport analysis. DataFromSky can easily provide all the desired information – vehicle counts, flows, gap time, follow time and Origin-Destination matrix.

DataFromSky based in Brno Czech Republic is a new specialized solution for automatic analysis of traffic activity in aerial videos. It brings many new possibilities in the field of traffic analysis by virtue of its fully automatic calculatioDataFromSky is based on automatic extraction of time-space-trajectories of vehicles in aerial video. This approach allows automatic calculation of a wide range of traffic parameters, such as speed, acceleration and gate counting, thus bringing exciting new possibilities in traffic evaluation.n of a wide range of traffic parameters such as speed, densities and gate counting.

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