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Game of Drones: DJI fixed-wing, real or control rumor?

Game of Drones: DJI fixed-wing, real or control rumor?

In all forums have appeared images of a DJI fixed-wing drone, in case DJI decides to enter the fixed-wing drone market is a bit strange as it would be risking its dominant position by a market segment markedly specialized and competitive, in addition the images that have been seen show a "strange" model as if it were assembled with parts of other drones that already exist in the market.

The configuration shown corresponds to the VTOL hybrid drone model, with engines for vertical takeoff and landing and a conventional drive motor, and in fact there are already many very capable platforms in that category, so if DJI moves to that market It will not have anything easy. Now DJI is thinking about fixed-wing drones? The answer is that without any doubt that yes and it is likely that this "design" circulating in the forums responds to a campaign to identify the first impressions and suggestions of current and future customers.

And it is that at the moment the drones in multirotor format are having important restrictions on their flight time and are reaching a level where it becomes prohibitive to increase the size and power of the fuselage and engines, it can be said that the laws of physics are stopping the multirotor. Surely that analysis has also been made in DJI and must be designing their own drone to compete in that market, and that must be taken into account will be one of the fastest growing within the drone industry.

Will it be positive for the industry that DJI decides to compete in that segment? Almost everything would say yes, but since quDron as users and consultants in industrial drones I'm not so sure, if DJI manages to get rid of its sales culture aimed at the mass public and understands the specificities of this market without doubt its contribution would be excellent especially in terms of global support for your products.


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Leon Shivamber 26/2/2018 · #1

There are a number of good fixed wing drone suppliers, but the segment has been really small for use in commercial drone services and among hobbyists. The DJI interest in this segment might signal an expectation that demand is expected to pick up.
Regardless, there's always benefit to having good competition among technology suppliers for Drone Services companies like ours.