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Game of Drones: Dolce & Gabbana Drone Fashion

Game of Drones: Dolce & Gabbana Drone Fashion

Dolce & Gabanna was present at the Fashion Week in Milan , where he presented his Autumn / Winter collection for 2018. The clothes and trends of the famous Italian house will certainly have their space for debate, but there was a choice of the brand was especially remarkable and that will mark a decided trend in the future.

Dolce & Gabanna chose drones to make parade on the catwalk his new portfolio collection. At least eight recreational model drones, but customized for the occasion paraded in the presentation of the portfolios of the Italian luxury brand. Allowing themselves to be photographed by the media, the drones paraded down the catwalk to the rhythm of a song by Kendrick Lamar - 'All The Stars' - while men and women in white lab coats walked along with them with remote controls.

True to its style of use of stones and inscrustations in their designs, drones were no exception and were transformed into models of Dolce & Gabbana with the adoption of well-designed luminous designs that imitated precious stones both in their upper part and in their its sides, with the choreography designed for a very narrow environment and with the presence of people, the drones were programmed and conducted with the quality that was to be expected for this famous Italian house.

Although according to Reuters the presentation was not exempt from small inconveniences such as that the fashion house asked the guests to turn off the internet connections of their phones as this signal probably would have interfered with the connection of the drones and their control stations remote, of course, when trying to coordinate this request with the audience led to the parade suffering a delay of almost an hour.

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