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Game of Drones: Drones replace models in fashion show in Saudi Arabia (and the results are not good).

Game of Drones: Drones replace models in fashion show in Saudi Arabia (and the results are not good).

That sometimes the use of a certain technology has its excessive side is common, that excessive use of technology has very little aesthetic effects or really have a negative impact is unfortunately also common. The use of drones in the world of fashion had its positive effect when at the end of February they were in charge of walking handbags from Dolce & Gabbana on a catwalk in a careful demonstration of good taste and aesthetics, but we can not disagree more with the little aesthetic taste they exhibited in Riyadh, although it is not the first time that drones have been used in that Arab country to replace models in fashion shows.

It is true that this is the period of Ramadan, which is celebrated from May 16 to June 14, a month that is considered sacred within the Muslim faith and in which daily actions are prohibited, such as eating, drinking during the hours of light, that is, from sunrise to sunset, therefore, the organizers of the fashion event considered it inappropriate for women to participate in the parade of clothing and accessories in the month of Ramadan. The video that shows the drones wearing the different garments has gone viral in social networks and has provoked a multitude of reactions. The majority of users expressed their criticism for the ultra-conservative attitude of the country, something we do not agree with, because each country must be respected for its customs even if they do not coincide with the "western progressive vision", while for others it was motive of mockery when comparing dresses with the typical image that we all have of a ghost wrapped in a sheet floating in the air.

In the eyes of the world, it seemed that Saudi Arabia was beginning to break down traditional barriers in the fashion industry by celebrating its first week of fashion, or with the delivery of the first driver's licenses for women, however, with the images that are observed in the video published on the Internet, it could be said that it still has a long way to go both in the organizational and in the use they want to give to new technologies.

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Nick Mlatchkov 13/6/2018 · #3

In other words - an entertainment for Sheikhs ...!

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Nick Mlatchkov 13/6/2018 · #2

That borders the Absurdity ...! lol

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Louise Smith 13/6/2018 · #1

YES @Gabriel Bazzolo "still has a long way to go "
still has a VERY long way to go !
The noise of the drones is awful ! Clients & guest would need to wear ear muffs/protection !
Very interesting Thank you

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