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Game of Drones: PITTA a drone that is not just a drone.

Game of Drones: PITTA a drone that is not just a drone.

Throughout recent years many of the most innovative drones have emerged on crowdfunding platforms, in this post I present to PITTA a drone that seeks funding through Kickstarter.

Despite the fact that this platform includes other drone projects, PITTA has a series of technical characteristics and a design that gives it great sales potential, first it is not only a drone, second it is very small and very light with only

170 mm and 200 grams at this time PITTA is just over a month and a half to close the campaign and its creators have already collected more than 70,000 of the $ 50,000 originally requested. As for the price, the first units can be purchased for $ 269 and will be available in April 2018. For those who are thinking of investing in crowdfundings this project is a very good option and that surely with two more years of development will not be available in the market and will be in the sights of some of the largest companies to embody it as one of their products.

of weight, and third it is divided into three different modules: the camera, the drone and the action camera module; but it is also possible to couple the drone in a charging base that comes with the device and is transformed into a surveillance camera by streaming to the home or in a camera for seflies. PITTA in its drone shape is able to detect obstacles and return to the starting point of the flight without any problem, has tracking and recording capacity in 4K and as it is modular if we do not want it in drone mode we can use it as a filming camera, also it is a very simple device when it comes to coupling the different modules, something that can be done in a matter of seconds.

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