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Game of Drones: The Flygildi drone that sees and flies like a bird

Game of Drones: The Flygildi drone that sees and flies like a bird

The autonomous bird-like device that Flygildi is developing in cooperation with the University of Reykjavik uses a flutter to get up and propel itself instead of a propeller. The exclusive wing design allows independent real-time control of the wings to flap, tilt or move the wings forward, backward, inward and outward. The wings can also be folded to the body of the bird to facilitate transportation. The device seeks to combine the capabilities of a multi-rotor with a fixed-wing aircraft, its creators Egill Hardarson, Hjalti Hardarson, Leifur Thor Leifsson named as a Silent Traveler, and his company Flygildi, based in Iceland has been raising funds from sites launch start-ups as techcrunch. While there are already other models that are based on the designs of birds this particular was designed from the beginning to operate with artificial intelligence, which makes it a potential product for the defense and security market, since according to its creators, "It's so similar to birds that observers can not differentiate it from real birds."

"First, we designed and built a device similar to a bird. Second, we use computer and machine learning methods to teach the device to fly like a bird, "explained Hardarson. The drone has two main parts, the body with the wings and the head. Wing movement can occur at any value within the four limits of degrees of freedom. The head has a space for the placement of a camera. It also has a servomotor that allows you to move up, down and to the sides. Apart from the

University of Reykjavik , Flygildi is also in collaboration with the Chalmers Technological University of Sweden, where they are working on the application of robotics equipment for improvement.

The Flygildi drone can perfectly be an aid in surveillance. Any scenario that we can imagine, a large group of people, a concert, a football match, can now be watched without their assistants noticing, it will also be a valuable element in airports that need to have their space free of the presence of birds. Its creators plan to launch a pilot next year and have a final product for 2020. Its price will be around USD $ 70,000 and $ 80,000.

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