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Game of Drones: The new anti drone laser system from China.

Game of Drones: The new anti drone laser system from China.

The Chinese army has successfully tested a new antidrive system of the Chinese society GuoRong Technology having successfully conducted a series of test shots in the eastern suburbs of Beijing. The photos and video allow to see that this system, simply called "defense system of short-range key sites" made at least two shots with his laser, achieving in the first shot impact on an aluminum plate with a thickness of a few millimeters at a distance of 360 meters , while in the second it targets a DJI Phantom 3 almost a kilometer away.

In less than ten seconds, the metal plate was perforated with a hole about four centimeters in diameter, while the drone was seen with its control unit destroyed by the laser's firing to the ground. But the laser is not the only thing in the system, which is also equipped with an electro-optical interference device to be able to neutralize not only the "big consumption" drones but also smaller drones, controlled or uncontrolled, that fly below 600 meters.

GuoRong's anti-drone system consists of two trucks, one with a small rotating radar with a range of approximately 55 km in addition to electromagnetic interference antennas, and the other has an infrared turret, an optronic tracking tower and the emitter laser, resulting in the entire system being mobile and autonomous, which facilitates its implementation in places with little support infrastructure. It should be noted that GuoRong is a subsidiary created in 2011 by the Chinese group Baoding Swan that specializes in high speed mobile network technologies.

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