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Game of Drones: Two Chinese hybrid multirotors makes 100km China Bohai Sea crossing.

Game of Drones: Two Chinese hybrid multirotors makes 100km China Bohai Sea crossing.

Two multirotor drones powered by Hybrid system successfully crossed the 62 miles 100 km ) China Bohai Sea, from Shandong Yantai to Dalian Lushun Port, one non-stop flight of 2 hours 55 minutes. The world’s longest electric driven multirotor sea flight record was created. This 8.8 lbs 4 kg ) hybrid heart provided power for extremely long endurance. China UAV News reporter Shao Hua DU tracked and witnessed the whole journey on a yacht.

Richenpower Technology Co., Ltd provided the two Hybrid drones powered by H2 Hybrid system which weights 8.8 lbs
and demonstrates 2.5 hours flight with 1-gallon gasoline. One of the sea cross drones is a Hexa, measuring 
62 inches
1.6 meters ) in diameter and weighing 42 lbs 19 kg ). Another one is a Quad, measuring 55 inch 1.4 meters ) in diameter and weighing 40 lbs 18 kg ). The Hybrid drones are capable of travelling long distance under windy and wet weather, according to the sea cross challenge.

China UAV News witness reporter Shao Hua DU said: “H2 Hybrid outputs DC power as a normal Lipo battery. It can be easily installed on electric drones instead of heavy batteries. It truly removes endurance challenges for UAS business uses.” With these new developments, China confirms its leadership position in the commercial drone sector, while in the military sector is very close to challenge the power of European and the United States drones industry.

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