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Investment Data: A 3 million Raytheon MIM-104 Patriot device to destroy a $ 500 Drone.

Investment Data: A 3 million Raytheon MIM-104 Patriot device to destroy a $ 500 Drone.

This interception shows the vulnerability of the global air defenses to the advance of this technologies, an american general has revealed that a missile MIM-104 Patriot was used to intercept a simple commercial dron.

The commander of the US Army.Training and Command of Doctrine (TRADOC) General Perkins say in a military symposium in Alabama, the missile used from the PAC-2 version costs between two and four million dollars for the unit, while its target was available on Amazon pages for about 200 to 500 dollars.

General Perkins did not provide details on the location of the interception, but the Popular Mechanics portal suggests that it may take place in some area of conflict between Israel and the Lebanese Hizbullah movement or the Palestinian Hamas, it could also be a dron of the Insurgents Yemenis shot down by the United Arab Emirates.

A quadrotor is considered a minor threat and has never been down by a patriot, at the enormous cost of missile interceptions is added the problem of the low detectability. It should be mentioned that the MIM-104 Patriot is the main defense element of the anti-missile systems of the NATO countries.

The interception of this dron highlights the speed in the evolution of these technologies and their adoption as a new strategy by the armed groups. This puts more emphasis on the development and adoption of warning and interception systems by the state, systems such as the Dedrone company which are adopting a global scale for its excellent cost-effectiveness.

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