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Investment Data: Stingray the Challenger Airspace Group hybrid drone

Investment Data: Stingray the Challenger Airspace Group hybrid drone

Challenger Airspace Group has unveiled the design of a new Stingray hybrid vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft system. ccording to Challenger Aerospace Group CEO LeRoy Aday, the new Stingray is a battlefield advanced targeting and attack platform. The unmanned aircraft is designed to strike missions, shipborne protection, coastal patrol and standard missions like surveillance and monitoring, target pointing and designation.

The UAS has a fuselage length of 5.2 mts, wingspan: 5.6 mts, power for the Stingray unmanned aerial system comes from Drake Engine (diesel, JP-4) with the rated power output 278 hp (207 kW) a maximum take-off capacity of 1,157 kg. It has the ability to operate at ranges of 836 km., maximum speed of 240 km / h and flight capacity of 4 hours.

For vertical take-off and landing operations, electric tilting motors are used to rotate the propellers in the required direction in addition to the design of their wings using the elliptical wing system with smaller curvature, determines a homogeneous airflow at the length of the wing with the result of a better aerodynamic performance.

Being a completely new design will have to see interested in the defense market or industrial drone system market.

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