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Martek Drones watches the seas of Europe

Martek Drones watches the seas of Europe

Martek Drones recently won a 10m Euros (~10.5m Dollars) framework deal with the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). Martek Marine is a company based in Rotherham, UK, which focuses on solutions to improve safety, performance & welfare on ships, since 1999.

With this 10m euros contract, Martek Drones will put its 2-meter long drones to work. The RPAS can be flown over

50 km from the ground station, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), with instant and continuous video being streamed back to the ground station and Member States. An on-board gas analyser draws samples of air and monitors SOx, NOx and CO2 levels in the surrounding atmosphere of commercial ships’ exhausts, to determine possible breaches in EU law on the sulphur content of a ship’s fuel. Apart from the gas analyser, the drones are also equipped with both visible light and infra-red (thermal imaging) cameras, and other sensors.

“We’ve worked hard and invested big to pioneer the maritime application of drone technology in the last 3 years, explained Paul Luen, Martek Group, CEO.