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Schiebel introducing #dron Camcopter S-100

Schiebel introducing #dron Camcopter S-100

Schiebel and Israel Aerospace Industries’ Elta subsidiary are performing demonstrations of the former’s Camcopter S-100 unmanned air vehicle equipped with the ELK-7065 3D HF communications intelligence (COMINT) payload.

According to Igo Licht, Elta’s vice-president of marketing and sales, the payload enables quick detection and identification of high frequency signals, creating an electronic order of battle picture and accurate geolocation.

Licht says the special antenna installed in the payload allows it to locate targets and listen to their communications systems.

He adds that the combination of this type of UAV with an HF COMINT payload is unique, and solves operational problems that armed forces and law enforcement agencies have in wanting to locate a target by communication emissions while verifying it by listening to the transmissions.

Licht says the combination of the rotary UAV and the COMINT payload will create a lot of interest, and there are already some potential customers for the package.

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