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Wingcopter presents a VTOL #dron


The VTOL concept is the most important challenges facing the aviation industry, combining the ability to takeoff and landing of a helicopter with the speed and duration of flight of an aircraft has been and still is a technological challenge that has resulted in a lot of technical innovations in the industry.

In the Commercial UAV Expo at the MGM Convention Center in Las Vegas (USA), presented a model of #dron VTOL capable, the company is called Wingcopter and its prototype is an unmanned vehicle 9 kg weight of four rotors making the transition from vertical takeoff horizontal smoothly flight and then land vertically again, it has a maximum speed of 130 km / h, a range of 100 km, a payload of 2 kg and flight time of two hours.

Wingcopter presents a VTOL #dron

The design team Wingcopter has produced a design which cleverly blended the concept of four motors and a fixed wing, using a complex set of servos to coordinate the transition from vertical to horizontal and back to vertical, also lowered the front rotors to avoid the huge counterflow on the wing during the transition, and therefore solve the problem that has overwhelmed the V22 Osprey designs like.

Wingcopter is currently flying a pilot project with a customer and the company believes will be ready for production in the near future.