Xander Schofield en Smart City, Lifestyle 30/9/2016 · 2 min de lectura · +700

3 Hacks to Save Time During The Week

Life sure can get busy sometimes! If you often feel like you are meeting yourself coming and going during the week, chances are good you are already keeping an eye out for ways to trim your schedule...and your stress levels.

Luckily, these three hacks are ripe for the plucking. Each hack can save you time, reduce your stress and make time for the rest you so desperately crave.

Hack 1: Use a grocery delivery service

How many hours a week do you spend (waste) browsing the grocery aisles, standing in line, fighting with the card reader (swipe or chip, anyone) and stuck in traffic trying to get back home again? That is likely time you always want back - in spades.

This is because you know your time has its own dollar value, and you can definitely use it for more productive, higher level tasks than shopping and driving. Now you can have all that time for other things by using a grocery delivery service to bring your groceries to you!

There are so many different grocery services and apps you can choose from. Some are tied to your favorite local market while others serve a number of grocers in different geographic areas. This means you can find the one that is perfect for your needs and enjoy all that extra time it will free up in your day.

3 Hacks to Save Time During The Week

Hack 2: Hire a local or virtual assistant

Like grocery shopping, you probably have so many other tasks in an average week that really just amount to having a warm body show up to check an item off your to-do list. Thanks to the Internet explosion, however, you can now hire a virtual assistant (or a local gopher) to take care of mundane tasks for you.

Different apps and services offer you the chance to hire someone local in your city to do anything from picking up takeout to dropping off dry cleaning. Or you could hire someone online to do non-local related tasks such as researching your newest project to scouring the Internet to find you a date.

Or you could even do both. Imagine the time you would save when you no longer have to spend half your day engaged in things you could teach your pet dog to do (if only pet dogs were allowed to drive)! And during the holidays is often when virtual or local assistants show their worth the most - now, instead of braving the holiday crowds (online or in store) you can have your assistant take care of that for you.

Hack 3: Use subscription services for repetitive non-grocery purchases

Lots of retailers now offer the option of using a subscription service t