Xander Schofield en Lifestyle, Entrepreneurs 30/9/2016 · 2 min de lectura · +200

5 Reasons Change is Worth it When You Hate Your Job

With the memory of the economic downturn still fresh and painful, you are not alone if you are afraid to leave your job. But as the unemployment rate slowly declines and more jobs are being added here on American soil, there is a case to be made for leaving a job that you truly hate. In this post, learn five reasons why it may be worth it to jump ship.

Reason 1: Your health is about to ask for a divorce.

"Death by overwork" is a real thing. We know this because in Japan, there is even a term for it: karoshi. Even the most robust immune system will in time falter under the weight of unending stress, dread and dissatisfaction.

According to WebMD, your risk for coronary heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and other dangers. At some point, it is no longer worth risking your health just for a paycheck. There are other paychecks out there to be had - and less stressful ones if you play your cards right.

Reason 2: For that matter, so is your spouse and child.

Relationships suffer severely at the hands of unpleasant work conditions. By the time you retire, you will have spent 50 years