Xander Schofield en Entrepreneurs, Human Resources Professionals 30/11/2016 · 2 min de lectura · 1,1K

The Why Behind Millennials Learning Through Hands-on Projects

The millennial generation refers the newest group of people to enter the global workforce. People who were born between 1982 and 2000 belong to this generation. While some educators still cling to the traditional formal and intermittent talent management practices, millennials who are the majority in our society do not benefit from these practices. Millennials chose to learn through hands-on projects. According to a research study by psychologists at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, several unique characteristics define this generation and influence their mode of learning. Here are some of these characteristics for your consideration.

Feel Being Unique

Millennials consider themselves to be very special. One major factor that creates this feeling in them is the extraordinarily close relationship they have with their parents. This generation believes their parents as their primary role models. Being able to participate in extracurricular activities and received awards also enhance this feeling. These rewards make them believe that everyone who participates in these activities is a winner. As a result, they prefer to learn through practice so as to remain in the winning team always.

Are Sheltered

The government and different youth safety movements take care of the needs of millennials. As these individuals grow, they learn that they have certain rights and the society is governed by certain rules and regulations that must be enforced. Their parents also have some control over their lifestyle, so little freedom characterizes their childhood. This lack of adequate freedom has decreased many opportunities for independent creativity, which in turn prompts millennials to develop a deep-seated interest in exploring their real world, and, therefore, they tend to avoid theory lessons.

Embrace Team-Spirit