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Oh dear Math

Oh dear Math

Oh dear Math

What you have done to us

Me, many & Max Planck

With you for quite while

And without you getting momentarily blank

In the process of resolving statistical fuss

Iterating, converging for alpha, beta and gamma

Admiring beauty in the given lemma

I know you are not magical

But answered many in a way logical

With your internal semantic

Ex Machina can be romantic

Isn’t that supercool ?

But there is a twist

One must follow the rule

Not respecting the Nyquist

 Under-sampled blade tip timing

Wow, lines here really rhyming 😇

Vibration, frequencies and different modes

Spectrum by Wiener Kinchine

Machine is deep learning with us

And so we are with machine

From molecular level of substance

For structures, patterns and correlations

To the millions away exoplanets speculations

Mapping on to the Mahalanobis distance

With Cramer-Rao  lower bound

Maximum likelihood is getting found

Chaos theory and stochastic

Model is now non deterministic

Inverting and converting,

To get full picture

In syntactic tree structure

Oh dear Math

You are getting all over

From set, subset and each entity

To the beautiful mind's Identity

With certain amount of uncertainty.

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Jim Rhodes Jun 17, 2020 · #12

This poem is awesome! I want to post it https://domyhomework.co.uk/do-my-math-homework on my website. I hope you are okay with it.

Yogesh Sukal Nov 12, 2017 · #11

@Ian Weinberg I would like to connect your comment with @Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris comment that recent advances like AI, machine & deep learning which are more data driven than any governing rules. that will certainly makes little-bit wiser than today, but not sure how much that going to tweak the fundamental rules behind our current evolved math .

Yogesh Sukal Nov 12, 2017 · #10

Thank you @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador for reflecting on the post. @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee Even you commented in mathematical language as you and math are 2 in 1. I am glad you liked it.

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Yogesh Sukal Nov 12, 2017 · #9

#4 @Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar Then You are really blessed Irene :D

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris Nov 12, 2017 · #8

I think there is a bit more to A.I. than just Math :-) After all, Math has been around for millennia, but A.I. came about only fairly recently...

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I haven't given much thought to math for a long time. Your poem has excellent rhythm and is very clever. Nicely done, @Yogesh Sukal.

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Math and me were two in one. But I am not doing any math of late. Thanks @Yogesh Sukal. Loely buzz

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Pascal Derrien Nov 11, 2017 · #5

I am, I was and will forever be terrible at maths I find the maths environment way too constrained but it is great for people who excel at it seems :-)

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